Hex Value #483c32
RGB Values (72, 60, 50)
RGB Percentages (28.2, 23.5, 19.6)
CMYK Values (0, 17, 31, 72)
HSL Values (27°, 18%, 24%)
HSV Values (27°, 31%, 28%)
Closest Pantone Color 405
Closest DIC Color DIC 582s
Closest Web Safe Color #333333
Closest CSS Color DarkOliveGreen
In color sets Shades of Brown, Warm Grays

The color Taupe is named after the Fresh word taupe, which means mole. Specifically, it's the color of the French mole, although it's usage has widened a bit.

More about Taupe

Taupe has a hex value of #483c32 which gives it an RGB value of (72, 60, 50). That makes it approximately 28% red, 24% green, and 20% blue. On the CYMK color model Taupe is 0 cyan, 31 yellow, 17 magenta, and 72 black. It is also 27° hue, 18% saturation, and 24% lightness on the HSL color model and 27° hue, 31% saturation, and 28% value on the HSV color model. Taupe is not a Pantone color, but it is close to Pantone color 405. Taupe is not a DIC color, but it is close to DIC 582s. Taupe is not a web safe color, but it is close to #333333.

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