Royal Blue

#4169e1, RGB (65, 105, 225)

Royal Blue Color

Hex Value #4169e1
RGB Values (65, 105, 225)
RGB Percentages (25.5, 41.2, 88.2)
CMYK Values (71, 53, 0, 12)
HSL Values (225°, 73%, 57%)
HSV Values (225°, 71%, 88%)
Closest Pantone Color 814
Closest DIC Color DIC 183s*
Closest Web Safe Color #3366cc
CSS Color Name RoyalBlue
In color sets CSS Colors

About Royal Blue

Royal Blue was originally deep blue, darker than the color we think of as Royal Blue today.

In the 1980s when the original set of named web colors was created it was the brighter version that was included, and that is the one that we typically call Royal Blue today. This color is known as RoyalBlue in the named HTML colors.

More about Royal Blue

Royal Blue has a hex value of #4169e1 which gives it an RGB value of (65, 105, 225). That makes it approximately 25% red, 41% green, and 88% blue. On the CYMK color model Royal Blue is 71 cyan, 0 yellow, 53 magenta, and 12 black. It is also 225° hue, 73% saturation, and 57% lightness on the HSL color model and 225° hue, 71% saturation, and 88% value on the HSV color model. Royal Blue is not a Pantone color, but it is close to Pantone color 814. Royal Blue is not a DIC color, but it is close to DIC 183s*. Royal Blue is not a web safe color, but it is close to #3366cc.

Color schemes that include Royal Blue