Forest Green

#228b22, RGB (34, 139, 34)

Forest Green Color

Hex Value #228b22
RGB Values (34, 139, 34)
RGB Percentages (13.3, 54.5, 13.3)
CMYK Values (76, 0, 76, 45)
HSL Values (120°, 61%, 34%)
HSV Values (120°, 76%, 55%)

About Forest Green

Forest green is a dark green similar to the color you would see on trees and other plants in the forest. It is also part of the named HTML colors.

Forest Green in use

  • On maps to represent forests
  • Used by the Boy Scouts of America
  • Often used by political "green movements"
  • Popular color for schools and athletic teams

More about Forest Green

Forest Green has a hex value of #228b22 which gives it an RGB value of (34, 139, 34). That makes it approximately 13% red, 55% green, and 13% blue. On the CYMK color model Forest Green is 76 cyan, 76 yellow, 0 magenta, and 45 black. It is also 120° hue, 61% saturation, and 34% lightness on the HSL color model and 120° hue, 76% saturation, and 55% value on the HSV color model. Forest Green is not a Pantone color, but it is close to Pantone color 3425. Forest Green is not a DIC color, but it is close to DIC 2555s. Forest Green is not a web safe color, but it is close to #339933.

Color schemes that include Forest Green