Bottle Green

Hex Value #006a4e
RGB Values (0, 106, 78)
RGB Percentages (0, 41.6, 30.6)
CMYK Values (100, 0, 26, 58)
HSL Values (164°, 100%, 21%)
HSV Values (164°, 100%, 42%)
Closest Pantone Color 7476
Closest DIC Color DIC 644s*
Closest Web Safe Color #006666
Closest CSS Color Teal
In color sets Shades of Green

About Bottle Green Color

The Bottle Green color is a relatively close match to the dark green color that you often see in glass bottles. Since we're trying to approximate a physical object, the color codes on this page may not be exact matches but they're pretty close.

Why are bottles green?

It goes back to beer.

Humans have been drinking beer for thousands of years. As far back as the 16th century glass bottles were used to help keep it fresh, although commercial bottling didn't start until the 17th century.

And while we have other options today, glass is still a great material to keep beer fresh.

A problem came up though. Beer would become "skunky" stored in a glass bottle. Ultraviolet rays in light caused a process that created a chemical almost identical to skunk spray. Brewers use the term "light struck", but skunk smell is skunk smell no matter where it comes from.

Before discovering coatings that they could put on clear glass, brewers were using brown glass to block the UV rays, and it worked really well. Beer stayed fresh longer. Many brewers still use brown glass bottles today.

So, why green?

During World War 2 it was difficult for manufacturers to get brown glass, so they settled on green. It didn't work as well as brown, but it was still better than clear glass.

When brown glass became available some manufacturers decided to stay with green. Green bottles became part of their brand, and in some cases were used to indicate a higher quality beer. Even with coated clear glass or aluminum, some brewers still prefer green bottles.

More about Bottle Green

Bottle Green has a hex value of #006a4e which gives it an RGB value of (0, 106, 78). That makes it approximately 0% red, 42% green, and 31% blue. On the CYMK color model Bottle Green is 100 cyan, 26 yellow, 0 magenta, and 58 black. It is also 164° hue, 100% saturation, and 21% lightness on the HSL color model and 164° hue, 100% saturation, and 42% value on the HSV color model. Bottle Green is not a Pantone color, but it is close to Pantone color 7476. Bottle Green is not a DIC color, but it is close to DIC 644s*. Bottle Green is not a web safe color, but it is close to #006666.

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